Patti (whipartist) wrote,

The High Holy Weekend of Puttering

I've been feeling like I've been running around too much lately, and I haven't had time to take care of my life and my environment. I therefore declared that this weekend would be spent puttering around the loft and taking care of random errands, while alternating with things I find relaxing. I intentionally have no social engagements on my calendar for the whole three-day weekend.

Of course I made a todo list. I'm usually wildly optimistic when I do this, and wind up with a list that could take six times the available time and still not be done, but this one was pretty realistic. Very few of the tasks have fixed timing, though I have a washer repairdude coming tomorrow afternoon, so "clean the bathroom" must be done before then. I've taken care a fair bit of it, though I don't want to mop late at night for noise reasons. As soon as I cleared a bunch of stuff out of the bathroom my brain went, "Oh! I should paint while I have half the stuff out of here. Hmm, maybe a pale teal?" I quickly squashed that thought-- I can easily imagine ADD me getting distracted by the bright shiny bathroom in my mind and blowing off everything else on the list.

One of the things is something you might want to do too. If you're in the US, do you remember that you can get a free copy of your credit report once a year from each of the three agencies? It's worth doing just to make sure that there are no errors and nobody has been sneaking credit in your name. To do this, go to (What I learned: one of the agencies has a bunch of whack-assed wrong former addresses for me, probably the result of typos. My mortgage balance is about $10K lower than I thought.)

One of the items on my list is "Play poker". I've been working on that one too.
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