Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I did what?!

My Ducati! For those who have a long memory, I'm restoring a 40-year-old Ducati that was pulled out of someone's barn last summer. I've been ignoring the project for a while, but recently picked it back up. My goal is to do a cosmetic restoration but not get the bike running, though I'm doing my best to keep everything in good condition so that I don't do anything that would prevent it from running in the future.

The bike is completely in pieces right now-- the frame is in a shopping cart, the gas tank is on the floor, the wheels are here and there, the motor is on a furniture dolly, and a zillion small parts are in a box. I'm slowly cleaning it up so that I can put it back together and make it a showpiece.

One of my projects for this weekend is to work on the bike... in particular to get the motor looking good. Cleaning the fins and all the fiddly motor bits is a real bitch, so I started taking things apart. After a while, I decided I was going to pull the cylinder head... why not? How hard can it be? Four bolts later, and the head is off.

And then, I bumped the cylinder itself, and it moved. "Really? It's that easy?" Apparently it is. The cylinder itself is now sitting on the floor.

I'm totally not a gearhead; I generally prefer to pay someone to do all my vehicular maintenance, unless it's stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the vehicle moving or stopping. (e.g. I'll deal with lights, radio, windows, etc.) I have never in my entire life seen the inside of an internal combustion engine that I own.

Having said that, as far as I can tell the motor is in good shape. I don't see any obvious ugliness on the piston although it does have a few small scrapes and dings-- is that normal, or upfuckimation? The cylinder liner looks good, etc. There's a little bit of crud on the valves, but not a lot. And everything moves easily.

Is there anything in particular I should pay attention to when I put it back together so that I don't damage anything? Remember, I don't care if it runs right now-- if I ever get it running, I assume the engine will have to be rebuilt. I don't want to do anything that will make that harder, though.

Oh, here are some photos:

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