Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I have puttered

I hereby declare the High Holy Weekend of Puttering an unmitigated success.

I'm looking at my todo list. Nine items have been solidly checked off. Five more have had significant progress made, though I wouldn't describe them as completely finished. Some were completely open-ended (e.g. play poker), and some were long-term projects (e.g. work on the Ducati.) One item I attempted twice, but the store was closed both times. Only four items on the list didn't get touched, and one is a five-minute task that will probably be done before I go to bed. Not bad!

A couple of things wound up hopping onto the list during the weekend. For one, the washer repairdude was here Saturday afternoon. He declared that the repair would be well north of $400. Since I only paid $600 for the washer to begin with, this seemed a bit silly. Ergo, "Buy a washer", wound up on the list. I did. It will be delivered tomorrow morning.

Last night, my primary desktop computer failed in a manner consistent with overheating. In particular, the drive stopped running, and it was extremely warm to the touch. I decided that my circa 1996 case was no longer adequate for the 21st-century computing gear that it housed, and added "Replace PC case" to the list. The drive started working normally after it cooled off, so this afternoon I wandered over to CompUSA, and although I was reminded of how much I bloody hate that store, I come home with a case. Elapsed time: 42 minutes from the time I IMed a friend that I was shutting down to the time I greeted him again. The new case is extremely quiet, is much easier to work with, and has significantly better cooling. This is also the first time in well over five years that I've had a case that was completely closed... I don't even know where the skin for the old one is.

More than anything, I feel like I've taken time out to take care of myself. It was absolutely wonderful not to have anything on the schedule-- nobody who was counting on me, and nowhere that I had to be at any particular time. I'm far too much of a social creature for this to last very long, but it felt really good to just hide from everything for a few days.
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