Patti (whipartist) wrote,

F*cking AT&T

I have a landline in my loft-- it is there as a base line for DSL, and for buzzing people into my building. I never give the number out, and I don't even have it embedded in my brain-- when I need it, I look it up.

I realized the other day that I had long distance service on that line. Worse, I was being charged something like eight bucks a month to maintain long distance service that I never used. That would not do.

An extensive search of AT&T's website did not reveal a way for me to cancel that service online, so I looked for a phone number. And looked and looked and looked... no dice. Finally I found one on my e-bill, and called.

After a reasonably quick stroll through their voice recognition system, I was on hold for an operator. And on hold and on hold and on hold... for 44 minutes. The music was awful, of course.

Finally, I got an operator who decided I really did want to cancel long distance service. She would be happy to do that, though there would be a $2.98 fee to cancel. "I have to pay you not to have service?!" Apparently so. While I was there, I dropped another fourteen bucks and change to switch the line to measured service, since I didn't want to give those assclowns even a cent more than was necessary.

And then the fuckers had the chutzpah to try to upsell me to their DSL and cell service. Umm, yeah. You've provided me with such exemplary service today that I really want to transfer business I actually care about to you.
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