Patti (whipartist) wrote,

The miscellaneous files

I decided to have custom checks made. Remember checks? Paper ones, not the ones that you send via online bill pay? I still write one every now and then, but I ran out of checks on my primary account a while ago. (Well, I still had some left, but they had my San Francisco address on them from >5 years ago.) This time, I decided I wanted checks with my own photos on them. These are the ones I chose:


I'm pretty happy with the results. The colors are much lighter than in the original photos, but I knew that would happen. They came from Carousel Checks-- you're welcome to use any of my images if you want to have your own made. Just download the full-size images from Flickr.

I have now showed my auto mechanic how to fix his car, and loaned tools to my motorcycle mechanics. That just seems wrong.

One of my coworkers wrote a play that's being produced at the SF Fringe Festival this year. I'm going this Tuesday at 7:30. Anybody want to join me?

Without consulting any sort of reference material, how big is 28000 acres in square miles? And for bonus points, how does that compare to the size of San Francisco?

I had two small fillings today, both of them on upper teeth near the front. As usual, they were done without novocain (or lidocaine or whatever they use these days) without my regretting it. The bad thing about getting front teeth filled, though, is the smell. Ick, bleah.

I scored pretty well in the "female issues" department for the most part. In particular, I almost never get bad cramps. Every now and then, though, I pay for it. Last night they were so bad that I didn't want sex. I don't think that's ever happened before!
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