Patti (whipartist) wrote,

It's fun watching blog traffic grow

One of the stats that wordpress gives you is what search terms were used to get to your blog. Here are the ones that have been used for in the last two days:

exposure modes on your camera
what does F22 really mean
examples of different f-stops
photo exposure lesson
aperture shutter speed exercise
best shutter speed to capture water
how to set the aperture on your camera
how shutter speed works
canon shutter speed seconds
open camera metering
camera metering

I bet most of those people wound up with exactly the information they wanted. Yay!

I was out of town this weekend. When I got home Sunday night, I looked at my usage graph and gasped-- the previous day, my traffic had hit about 20x the previous peak. The site landed in, and that's been driving a lot of traffic to the site ever since.
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