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A few months ago, I had a pretty bad flareup of RSI in my right wrist, and secondarily in my shoulder and elbow. The reason was the usual-- bad computer ergonomics-- and when it got bad enough to really bother me I took the usual steps, (ice, ibuprofen, wrist splints, fixing the underlying ergonomic problem.) I also started driving more with my left hand than my right, and cut out some activities that stressed it. One of them you can probably guess, and the other was motorcycling.

This weekend I noticed that my wrist basically didn't hurt, and my shoulder was only bothering me a little bit. Hrmmm. And my, what lovely weather we're having. Hrmmm. This morning I pulled the battery from the Sprint, took it upstairs, and put it on the charger while I went about my business.

This evening the green light on the charger was staring at me, challenging me. "Go riding. You know you want to. It won't hurt you... go ahead." Bastard. OK, fine. I grabbed my gear, went downstairs, threw the battery in the bike, and hopped on.

I love my Booh bike. After not running for three months, he started right up. Vrooom, purr. I took a couple of loops around the garage to check out the brakes and the like. Hrmmm, tires feel low. I got off and checked them and they were at about 23/28-- ridable, but handling would suck. OK, deep breath, open the garage door, up the scary steep ramp, and off I went. I made a quick stop at the gas station, put air in the tires, and then cautiously headed off.

I decided on a short ride, just a loop through the port of Oakland. I love it down there because the scenery is industrial-interesting and at night there is nearly zero traffic. I love the ships and the cranes, and the giant trainyard that always seems to have some sort of activity. It's a great place for cruising around when you're just getting your bearings again and you don't want to be playing dodge-the-loser.

My bike is still the very bestest bike in the whole world. He purrs like a kitten and growls like a tiger, and maintains a thin veneer of proper decorum over a lot of raw power. His superpower is that no matter what gear you're in, no matter what RPM you're at, when you flick your wrist he perks up and zooms. A graph of his power curve looks like my kitchen table. He didn't even throw any tantrums at being ignored for so long... I think he understood when I apologized and explained my absence.

Either my helmet has gotten tight or I didn't fit it properly for grinning nonstop.

There were only two other vehicles down there tonight-- a pair of sportbikes. As I passed them the first one greeted me with the traditional wave, and the second one waved his front wheel in the air at me.

I made it home without mishap, and Booh is down in the garage sleeping off his return to adventure. My wrist and shoulder hurt just the tiniest bit, but not enough for me to feel like I did any damage.

Vroom! Woohoo!
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