Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Global warming and population control

So I've been wondering about something lately.

It seems pretty reasonable to me that one of the things contributing to global warming (should you believe that it's real... I'm not interested in debating that, Russ) is overpopulation. And yet I've never heard a single mention of this in relation to climate change.

What would happen to the climate if one person in ten just disappeared from the planet right now? There would be 10% fewer cars, 10% fewer factories, less clearing of rain forests for meager farmland, 10% fewer power plants, 10% fewer cows farting, and all sorts of other needs would be reduced.

I'll grant you that this is an incredibly oversimplified line of reasoning, but it's a very serious question. Doesn't it make sense to think about population control as part of a climate change strategy?
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