Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Motorcycle mechanics question

Dear lazyweb:

I have a motorcycle that's old enough to vote-- this is the bike that was stolen and recovered late last year. After she was recovered, I took her home from the mechanic, rode her a few times, then parked her in the garage and neglected her... for nearly a year.

Last night I charged the battery. Tonight I optimistically took it downstairs, installed it, and tried to start her. I tried for a few minutes, but no dice. The gas looks and smells good. She's always been a tiny bit hard to start, even when I was riding her regularly.

An hour or so later, I went back down and tried again. She started for about two seconds, but quickly stalled out and wouldn't start again. At that point, the battery was showing signs of losing juice, so I brought it back upstairs and stuck it on the charger again.

What now? I'll try again tomorrow, and I'm a little bit hopeful that she'll start. I may well just replace the battery, since I suspect the scumbag thieves were pretty hard on it. I'm moderately optimistic that it will start the next time I try, but if it doesn't, what next?
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