Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Home sweet home

I just got home from the party in LA. Stats for today:

Miles driven: 461
Door to door time: 7:59
CHP spotted on the side of the road: 14
CHP who had someone pulled over: 10
CHP who were looking for action: 3
Tickets narrowly averted: 2
Tickets received: 0 (but the guy in front of me wasn't so lucky)
Tickets deserved: countless
Complete episodes of This American Life listened to: 6
Gas stops: 2
Gas mileage: 28mpg (bleah)
Time with the top down: about two hours... the weather was bleah for a lot of it
Margie's Diner burgers consumed: about 2/3. WTF is it with portion sizes in this country? A 1/3 pound burger on a large plate heaped with french fries is not a reasonable meal.

The party was fun. LA traffic sucks. I stayed up way too late. I'm happy to be home.
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