Patti (whipartist) wrote,


Remember my motorcycle that sat for a year? Tonight I finally had time to take her for a ride.

When I went down to the garage, I had no clue if she'd start at all, but it took all of about five seconds for her to start right up. She's such a trooper. I let her idle for a couple of minutes, did a few laps of the garage to make sure everything felt solid, then headed out onto the street.

I'd decided ahead of time that I was willing to push her three blocks if she died, but no more, so for the first ten minutes or so I just rode around the blocks near my loft. She felt sluggish for the first couple of minutes, and hesitated a few times, but within about ten minutes she was running like a champ. I took her to the gas station, filled the tank and the tires, and then went vrooming off to explore. The brakes are rather wimpy-- you kind of have to phone ahead if you're planning to actually stop-- but other than that she feels amazingly solid and reliable.

Good god, I love that bike! We had a great ride. My Sprint is wildly powerful and smooth, but the little EX500 is just amazingly good fun, and I find myself grinning like a maniac just from cruising down the road on her. Whee! I don't see any rain in the forecast, so I'll probably even take her to work a couple of times this week. After that, she's off to P's for a while, since he's taking the MSF class right now.
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