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Played The Go Game at work today, as a team building event. I normally hate those sorts of corporate events, but this one was absolutely fantastic. It's sort of a high-tech scavenger hunt coupled with creative photos and videos and a good bit of weirdness and some random knowledge.

One of the first tasks for our team was to find a particular apartment building, and look at the door buzzers on the gate. One of the last names was a fiery alcohol, another was... I forgot, and the third was a great poker player who died too young. Someone guessed the second one right away. For the third one, I instantly popped out with "Stu Ungar", and my teammates looked at me in amazement. "Everybody knows Stuey. A friend of mine even wrote a biography of him." When we got to the door, the second name was there. Ungar was there. And Whiskey was there.

Other tasks had us creating a 30-second training video for our company, a 30-second video reenactment of a historic event in dance, picking up a girl in a bar, being annoyed by a pirate, putting a poetic love note on a police cruiser (hey baby/nice bumper/do you wanna bump 'er later?), hula hooping in Dolores Park, and looking at murals in an alley. It was two hours of utter silliness and a ton of walking around the Mission, though we all stopped for drinks while one of the team members picked up the woman in the bar. (The woman was working for the game, not a random stranger.)

We ended up at Andalu for drinks and tapas afterward, and to view and vote on each team's photos and videos. The whole thing was a blast, and I'd highly recommend it.

I leave for London on Wednesday afternoon, for my nearly-annual turkey-avoidance trip to London. Flights and hotel are taken care of, and I even found a hundred and fifty quid stuck in a desk drawer, so now I just have to figure out what shows I want to see. I bought myself a ticket to Wicked for my birthday, but for the first time ever the lineup of shows is uninspiring. There are plenty of things there I could see, but nothing that has me chomping at the bit.

I guess I'll pretty much be at the mercy of the half-price ticket booth.

Photo_111007_001.jpgMs. April got a new top last week. The rear window had been slowly falling out since I bought the car, and the LA trip pretty much did it in. She had a tan top, but the shop suggested putting a black one on instead and I jumped at it. I never really liked the tan, and now it feels like I have a new car.

One of the owners of the shop invited me to their weekly poker game. He says it's been running every Friday for 20 years. I think I'll pass.

My mom and her husband show up at my loft for a few days the day after I get back from London. The place is utter chaos! I'm grounded this weekend while I work on getting it in shape for houseguests.

The fucktard who stole my motorcycle last year seems to have killed the charging system. I'm an extremely not-happy camper about this fact, especially since the guy who was borrowing the bike when it got stolen hasn't reimbursed me for a single dime.
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