Patti (whipartist) wrote,

What the cranky old lady said

I just sent this to the building mailing list
Subject: [Everyone-FSL] Dear parents

Last night, sometime after 11, I heard a loud low rumbling followed by a
thump, and the walls shook. "Was that an earthquake?" Suddenly alert,
I listened for other signs. There were several more loud rumbles, some
of them followed by wall-shaking thumps.

What the... ? I pulled on some clothes and headed for the door to see if
there was some sort of building problem that necessitated
late-night emergency repair.

When I walked into the hallway I found a kid rolling back and forth
down the hall on a wheeled desk chair. Just as I was about to
ask him to keep it down, another kid came barreling around the corner
on a scooter and stopped himself by landing against the wall of my

I'm fairly noise-tolerant, and I hate to be the cranky old lady who
chases kids off her lawn with a broom, but this was quite loud
and disruptive. I like kids, and I'm happy to have them in the
building, but please make sure that your kids are respectful of the
other people who live here.



I think that was diplomatic.
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