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More from London

Yesterday's theatre: Swimming With Sharks starring Christian Slater in the afternoon, Spamalot at night. Both were rather good, though the latter would have been somewhat better if I didn't dislike Monty Python as much as I do.

Photo_112307_001I've had two sightings of my book in the wild so far. The first I went looking for-- it was at Foyle's books on Charing Cross Road. The second was at a tiny little game shop in one of the stalls in Camden Town. I wasn't looking for it, but glanced up at a shelf and it jumped out at me. On a whim, I picked it up and turned to the proprietor. "I wrote this. Would you like it autographed?" I think she was even more delighted at the thought than I was.

I realized something today that should have been obvious. One of the reasons that I come over here for thanksgiving is that I can spend four days here and only take one day of vacation. I always fly out Wednesday evening and fly back Monday afternoon. However, theatres are always dark on Sundays. If I fly out Tuesday evening and back Sunday afternoon, I can stuff in another show... or maybe even two. Next year!

One of the things that I like about London is that it isn't lousy with Starbucks. I've walked miles and miles on this trip, most of it through hardcore tourist zones, and I've only seen four Starbucks the whole time. Three of them were in the west end, and the fourth was in Camden Town. Contrast this with the US, where you can barely walk two blocks without running into one, and it makes for a pleasant change.

Speaking of walking, I seem to have mildly mucked up my back by doing too much of it. This isn't the least bit surprising, but it sure is annoying. I bailed out of shopping in Camden early today so that I could come home and stretch my back. Also speaking of walking, I've discovered that I can get pretty much anywhere I want to go in the west end without consulting a map.

On the good news front, I've had remarkably good weather the whole time I've been here. Other than one light mist there's been no rain at all, and every day but one has been clear and sunny.

The exchange rate sucks deeply and profoundly.
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