Patti (whipartist) wrote,


I'm home! I sent a text message to my ride just before we pulled into the gate. From there, we parked the plane, I hopped off, went through immigration, waited for my luggage, went through customs, waited for my ride, went across the bay bridge, and headed upstairs into my loft. I set my suitcase down precisely one hour after I sent the text message... not bad!

Flights are supposed to be uneventful, and mine almost was. I like listening to ATC during takeoff and landing, and it's especially interesting in very busy airports. Heathrow is especially cool because you hear all sorts of different accents. Our landing today was looking pretty uneventful, until I heard a controller tell someone, "go ahead and cross the runway, but quickly... there's someone on short final." A few seconds later, just as we're about to touch down, I hear, "United 931 heavy, go around." The engines roar, and the plane starts climbing again.

Charming, Mr. Controller, charming. You probably burned a thousand bucks worth of jet fuel with that little maneuver.

As we were turning onto base, the controller gave us instructions to do something (turn left, blah blah blah, then clear to land) and our pilot responded with, "This all sounds vaguely familiar." And as the controller was handing us off to the next guy, he snarked, "United 931, hope this is the last time I talk to you."

I ran into the pilot at the baggage carousel, and he was not the least bit amused by the whole thing.
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