Patti (whipartist) wrote,

HFCS challenge results

Last week, I posted about my high-fructose corn syrup challenge-- avoid HFCS at home for one week. I screwed up at the very beginning, by buying a loaf of bread with HFCS in it, but I decided to grant myself one exception rather than wasting a loaf of bread.

How'd I do? I hosed, and on something stupid, but not as badly as I expected to. With the exception of the bread I shopped carefully and didn't bring home any forbidden, err, fruit. However, in the middle of the week I got a craving for bitter lemon. If you're not acquainted, bitter lemon is a soft drink that's basically tonic water with lemon flavor. Well, I had a craving, and I happened to have a bottle of tonic water around, so I made some. Whoops! I realized later that tonic water is sweetened, and this one has HFCS. Oh well.

Other than that, I managed to stick to my plan. I spent a lot of time reading food labels, and I was surprised to find out that I had lots of condiments that are sweetened with cane sugar or not sweetened at all. Mayo, mustard, teriyaki sauce (Soy-Vey brand), green curry sauce, and several others were OK. My breakfast cereal is HFCS-free. My favorite soda, an apple beer, is OK. I found myself reading food labels even for things that I wasn't planning to buy or use. Today I managed to find a brand of English muffin that had no HFCS-- just one of several that were available at Nob Hill Foods.

I spent a little bit more time cooking than I usually do, and I don't really feel like I missed out on anything that I wanted. I highly recommend this exercise, if only to help you think a little bit more about what's in the food you eat.
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