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[icon] Official email response from the Poker Players Alliance - Patti
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Subject:Official email response from the Poker Players Alliance
Time:02:53 pm

From: "bryan" <>
To: "'Patti Beadles'" <>
Subject: RE: Your privacy policy has been violated
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 17:48:14 -0500

Hi Patti,

We have received your message regarding unsolicited emails and we appreciate
you notifying us of the situation.

We understand your concern about receiving spam and take reports of spam
possibility originating from the PPA very seriously. Please note that the
privacy of PPA member information is of the highest importance to us. We do
not sell, trade, or disclose to third parties any personal information
obtained without your consent.

To investigate this matter we hired a leading web security firm, ScanAlert,
to rigorously test and audit the security and integrity of the PPA server
environment. The results showed the PPA site and its servers achieved
ScanAlert's HackerSafe certification, as it has since the launch of the
current site at this time last year. This means that there are no security
holes for spammers and ensures that your privacy has not been compromised.

Further audits of database system logs have revealed no outside intrusions
over the past 12 months that this system has been active. Please also note
that our staff vigorously adheres to the PPA's privacy policy. Maintaining
your trust is crucial to our organization's mission. Please feel free to
review our privacy policy: http://www.pokerplayersalliance.org/privacy.php

While creating unique email addresses at a custom domain is an effective
strategy to minimize spam, it does not guarantee protection against spam.
Spammers use extraordinary methods to acquire and guess potential email
addresses. Even email addresses never published on the web can be subject to
spam. This is true for email addresses hosted at the largest registrars as
well as the smallest.

With regards to the specific spam you received about "Golden Gate Casino",
it seems that it was sent to blanket at least the entire gaming community,
if not the entire internet. There have been many online reports of this spam
from non-PPA groups and sites.

For more information about spam and how to minimize it, please visit the
following resources:

1. http://www.csialliance.org/issues/spam
2. http://spam.getnetwise.org/
3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-mail_spam
4. http://email.about.com/od/disposableemailservices/tp/disposable.htm

We are sorry that you have received spam at an email address registered with
the PPA. While we cannot determine the method used by the spammer to reach
you, we can assure you that they did not acquire your information from our
servers or through the PPA. If you would like to change your registered
email address with the PPA, please contact us and we can do that for you

We will continue to monitor the situation and post any further findings.

Thank you again for your concern and message.

Bryan Spadaro
Membership Relation, Manager
Poker Players Alliance

I am... underwhelmed.
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Time:2008-01-29 11:06 pm (UTC)
Count me in as glad I never signed up with the PPA.
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Time:2008-01-29 11:10 pm (UTC)
I call Shenanigans.
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Time:2008-01-29 11:44 pm (UTC)
I can understand why they don't want to acknowledge the rogue employee possibility, but that certainly gets my vote for most likely.
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Time:2008-01-30 12:42 am (UTC)
So this is actually not a horrible response, although it does seem to be a bit of a form letter. Obviously, you should change your address with PPA, and throw out the new one.

What are you looking for here? I assume PPA, despite being financed by whomever, is really still a mickey-mouse operation, and there's only so much they can do. They're not going to find the rogue employee with root on their mail server who scammed your address. They're not going to look.

In their defense, it is _possible_ that there was a dictionary or sequential attack against your mail server, and they found the address that way, although this is unlikely.
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Time:2008-01-30 01:01 am (UTC)
Nope. Anything @mydomain will get through to my inbox if it doesn't get blocked by greylisting and IP-based blocklists. I also look at a daily report of all the addresses that were tried and blocked. If there had been a dictionary attack on my domain, I would know about it.

As for what I'm looking for, I'm not sure. I think I'd just like to see a bit more professionalism on their part. "Mickey Mouse" is about right.
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Time:2008-01-30 02:07 am (UTC)

But it was a professional letter! It was a form letter!

Seriously, I love your reply.
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Time:2008-01-30 12:44 am (UTC)
"...it seems that it was sent to blanket at least the entire gaming community, if not the entire internet"


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(Deleted comment)

Time:2008-01-31 08:45 am (UTC)
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[icon] Official email response from the Poker Players Alliance - Patti
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