Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Lighting advice

The lightbulb in my kitchen burned out this morning. I need a new light fixture.

OK, let me explain. The kitchen lighting in my loft has always sucked. When they converted the building from a warehouse to lofts, they didn't do a high-end conversion-- the cabinetry is cheap, the countertops are cheap, the appliances were cheap before I replaced them, and the light fixtures are cheap. The kitchen lighting is the worst-- a bare bulb in the cheapest economy-level socket you can get. I've always had a 150W flood lamp in there, and I've always hated it. You can see it at the top left in this image that was taken before I bought the place. Here's another view of the kitchen, complete with building inspector dude and long-since-replaced crappy appliances, to give you an idea of the space.

This week I was wandering through Home Despot and started browsing fixtures. Either the light bulb figured this out and burned itself out in a huff, or this is a sign from a god I don't even believe in. In either case, I think it's time for a new light fixture.

The problem is that I have twelve-foot ceilings. That combined with the fact that the place just generally isn't well-lit means that I need lots of brightness.

I think I want some sort of halogen fixture, maybe something like this or this. Whatever I get should be fully supported by the junction box, because I don't want to have to install extra stays on a concrete ceiling.

The problem that I'm having is judging how much light is enough. I know about how many lumens the old uglybulb put out. If I'm looking at a multiple-bulb fixture, can I just sum up the ratings of the individual bulbs and make sure they're at least as high as the uglybulb, or will the lights behave differently because there are multiple sources rather than one? (One might wonder how I got As in honors physics without knowing this, but one might keep such speculation to oneself, thanks.)
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