Patti (whipartist) wrote,

From the I don't fucking believe it department

Saturday, Las Vegas: played the BARGE nolimit holdem tournament. Small buyin, high prestige. Finished second of 180, and just completely should have won it, but my opponent got very lucky. Still, second Does Not Suck.

After the tournament, around 1 a.m., I got a seat in a must-drink 4-8 HORSE game. If you don't play poker don't worry about what that means... just understand that played drunken rowdy poker, was up many drink units, and was some number of sheets to the wind. Three shots of tequila plus an untold number of stoli crans will do that to you.

About 4 a.m., someone approached me and said that the owner of the casino was playing $1000 nolimit holdem freezeouts. I said I'd play but I'm drunk, and they said that he was rip roaring plowed. Next thing I knew, I'd agreed to play, sold half of my action to friends, and I was sitting down at the table facing the owner of the casino. Jayzus fucking keerist. How does this happen to me?

And how in the hell do you behave in that situation? Miss Manners doesn't really cover this.

I win the first. He wants a rematch. OK. I win the second, he wants a rematch. He wins the third, I win the fourth, and he wins the fifth and sixth, after which he decides that he doesn't want to play against me anymore 'cause I'm too good. We quit haing broken even.

He offers to comp me full RFB for my trip. He then called for a new opponent. My friend Bill lost $2K to him, then my friend Andrew lost $1K to him ($300 of it mine.) Before me, my friend Nick lost to him, Chris Ferguson (a former world champ and chip castle builder extraordinaire) lost to him, and I think someone else did too. I was the only person who didn't lose to him tonight.

At various times during the session and afterward, he offered to comp me my stay, comp me RFB, buy me dinner, and back me anytime I wanted it. I'm not taking any of that at face value, and my room is already comped, but I'm just bloody stunned to have found myself in that situation at all.

"I don't wanna play against Patti anymore. She's tough as leather."
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