Patti (whipartist) wrote,

IMG_0760 I pay attention to the search engine terms that send people to Stop Shooting Auto! because I'm curious about what people are searching for and how they get to the site. Usually the list is something like "dslr manual mode", "shooting in aperture priority", etc., but today it was a bit different:
how to take a picture of the moon
"take a picture of the moon"
aperture and shutter speed exercises
shooting moon settings
how to take a pic of the moon camera set
what kind of lens to take pictures moon
camera mode to take picture of moon
what are the camera settings for taking
how do i take a picture of the moon in t
best settings for moon pictures

I gather there was something going on with the moon?

Actually, I had my camera with me complete with the longest lens I own (which, sadly, is not very long) and both a 1.4x and a 2x teleconverter. Being the maniac that I am, I decided that the good and right thing to do was to take my high-end Canon glass and put a cheap teleconverter on it. No, that just wouldn't do. I put both teleconverters on it, which gave me a focal length of 560mm while costing me three stops of exposure and god only knows how much quality.

As it turned out, it didn't matter much. San Francisco gifted me with a godawful haze that turned most of the eclipse into a murky soup. I eventually gave up and headed home, but stopped at Treasure Island on the way. Some of the muck had cleared, and I managed to get some shots. They were crappy, but at least you could tell it was the moon. While I was there, I also captured some shots of Coit Tower and the Ferry Building for fun.

While I was out there, a few giggly Japanese tourist girls came over to see what I was doing, and they all giggled while taking turns peering through the viewfinder.

When I got home the eclipse was just about done and the sky had finally cleared, so I caught a few not-wholly-crappy shots of the shadowy finale. Next time I want better weather, dammit! I hope some of my blog readers did better than I did.
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