Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Weekend recap

This was the weekend of seeing things.

Friday night an old friend and I went to see Jonathan Coulton at the Great American Music Hall. The audience was as geeky as one might imagine (and maybe even a hair moreso), and the show was quite good. I've had the song First of May wedged into my brain ever since. (Warning: if you listen to it in the office, put headphones on.)

Saturday, allannah, sabyl, Steve and I went to see Curvy Widow. We'd made the brilliant choice of going to dinner and a show half a block from the Chinese new year parade in pouring rain, but it mostly wound up not being too bad. Well, allannah got stuck in hellish traffic, but it was OK for the rest of us. As we passed by the parade, I spotted San Francisco legend Frank Chu n the crowd.

Dinner at Scala's was quite good. Halfway through dinner, the absolutely fabulous Brown twins sat down at the table next to us. I must have missed the proclamation that it was Spot San Francisco Legends day, but that's OK. I think even the ghost of Emperor Norton floated by for a brief visit.

Curvy Widow was an interesting show. It's a one-man show starring Cybill Shepherd as a late-50s widow who tries internet dating sites, the in a fit of desperation signs up for a sex site (ala adult friendfinder) and starts meeting men that way. I enjoyed the story, but Cybill's performance was uneven. The best part of the show was seeing her completely break character. Her character said something like, "A weaker woman would have given up and become a lesbian by now", which was met with a rather loud, "YES!" from somewhere in the audience. Cybill completely lost it for several seconds.

Tonight's entertainment was the movie In Bruges. I found it to be quite funny and very well-done, and I highly recommend it.
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