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As I reported earlier today, I got spammed by less than 24 hours after I ordered something from them. I'd very carefully made sure to uncheck the "send me marketing email" checkbox, so I was livid when I got marketing email so soon. I called them and canceled the order, and was very clear about why I was doing so.

Later that afternoon, I found some text on the website that said, "I'm the president of the company. If you get less than 100% customer satisfaction from us, please let me know. Here's my personal email address, and here's my cel number." OK, I know what to do with that. I fired off a note to him saying, "I got less than 100% customer satisfaction. Here's the blog entry where I wrote about it. You claim to be highly ethical, but spamming seems like exactly the opposite of that." I was calm and levelheaded in my mail, but also pretty clear about my displeasure. All of that is paraphrased, of course, but those are the general concepts.

I got email from him tonight saying, in essence, "You're right that we should pay more attention to this, and I understand why you feel violated. People like you keep our business honest, and that's a good thing. I don't mind that you posted your experience, as it's a reminder to me to pay attention to my customers' needs. If you'd like to purchase the exact same product from one of our 'competitors', I recommend these guys over here."

I'm fairly impressed... that's a pretty reasonable response from a company that's just been chewed out both publicly and privately by a customer. I don't think I'm going to be ordering from them anytime soon, but that's mostly because I don't have a need to. I've mentally taken them out of the "evil and unethical" pile, and put them into, "don't really understand the rules of the internet." That latter condition is much easier to cure. Kudos to Adam for actually listening, and responding in a pretty positive manner.
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