Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Current kitchen thinking

KitchenLayoutAfter looking and comparing, I think I'm going with Corian countertops. It seems like a reasonable price/performance tradeoff, and they're lower maintenance than most stones and other things. I still have no idea what color I want.

I think I want to make the cabinets between the stove and refrigerator slightly narrower, move the refrigerator over a bit, and put a narrow pull-out pantry on the right side of the refrigerator. I'll also probably make the cabinet over the stove a deep cabinet rather than a shallow one.

I want some sort of interesting backsplash, either stainless or tile, behind the stove.

Metal countertops are cool in theory, but probably not so good in practice.

The wall on the right is going to get hanging pots and pans, maybe also a couple of shelves.
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