Patti (whipartist) wrote,

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It's been a crazy startup week at work. Last night at about 8:30 we released the new verison of our site to production, verified that everything was working, and then took off for the neighborhood dive bar at about 9. Twenty minutes later the CEO called and told us the site was hung.

We tromped back to the office and banged on it for about an hour before we managed to reproduce the symptom, then worked on the fix until 4 a.m. I finally left the office at 4:30, and got home just before 5 a.m. Long day, that.

I just sorted out about a week's worth of mail on my backgammon server. Of 945 messages:

106 were spam
807 were worms/viruses
15 were warnings about worms/viruses (but I deletd a couple hundred earlier from a different folder.)

leaving a whopping 17 that were actual mail messages. Of those, about half were test messages that I sent from work when playing with a sendmail config. I finally null-routed about half a dozen hosts.
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