Patti (whipartist) wrote,

On Vox: Jack London Square hostage situation

My street is closed, as is the whole neighborhood.  A guy down the street is barricaded in a condo with his wife and two small children.  He's a parolee, and he's armed with a gun and a meat cleaver. KTVU has good video.

I'm far enough away to be out of harms way, most likely.  If I lived half a block farther down I wouldn't be able to get into my building.  Even if he were to get out onto the street, I'm well-protected in my building.  Lots of the neighbors are stranded out on the street.

Our buddy fired at the police earlier.  Early rumors were that an officer was killed, but that appears to be false.  The officer I asked shook his head no, and I'm pretty sure that if one of them had been hit they wouldn't be nearly so calm.

Good times.

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