Patti (whipartist) wrote,

An embarrassing bit of journalistic photography

I spotted this photo in a story on SFGate about a designer mansion remodel.

Stare at the picture for a moment. Take it in.

Are you thinking that maybe they shouldn't have built the house in earthquake country? Are you reaching for the phone to call a 24-hour emergency foundation repair contractor? Perhaps the photographer was in the middle of passing out, and that's the only exterior shot that was on the camera after they rushed him to the hospital? "Damn, I can do a better job with my cameraphone."

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much of an architectural photographer, but I do know a few little things about the subject. Foremost on the list is to not make a house look like it's slouched against its neighbor after coming home from an all-night bender. Yes, perspective is hard, but you could at least start by not making your subject look like a funhouse.

Contemplate the fact that this image appeared in a major US newspaper. Yes, it's a fluff piece about architecture, but it still deserves something better than a third grader would shoot. And what about the editor? If it was my paper I'd send the photographer back to photoshop and make him rotate the image until it sobered up.
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