Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Stupid ISP, Stupid Worm!

There's a machine somewhere in Germany that is infected with Sobig.f.

On Wednesday August 20, just past 1 a.m., the machine sent a copy to me, my backgammon server. It has continued to do so every 20 minutes or so for eight days now.

I've contacted, the abuse address for the ISP, four times now. I've also looked up specific technical contacts and sent them mail, sent mail to their upstream ISP, and sent mail to, the address their autoresponder gives me.

Nothing, NOTHING has worked.

As of today, every single copy of the worm that I receive is being forwarded to their abuse department. In six hours I've sent 28 complaints to them.

Wonder how long it will take for them to get clue?
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