Patti (whipartist) wrote,

This afternoon's great good fun

I got this email this afternoon:

I had to get into your loft just now to trace a leak. I don't have a phone
number for you other than the Sentex.

(Neighbor) in #(Unit) next door had a water heater leak and the water
seeped under the baseboards into your unit behind your computer. We put
down towels but didn't want to move anything for fear of electrocution.

Clarence is OK.

The water also leaked into #(Otherunit) and into the garage.

I'll be here if you want me.

Whee! I made a mad dash out of the office. So far everything looks like it's probably OK, but two brand new servers were sitting in a small amount of water. I *think* they're OK but I won't know until later. If not, Neighbor said that either her insurance will cover it or she'll just write me a check.

I do like having concrete floors, though. If you dump crap on the floor, you just wipe it up and that's that-- you pretty much can't damage them.
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