Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Being domestic

If I told you I spent the afternoon crawling around my bedroom, naked except for a pair of shoulder-length vinyl gloves, what would you imagine I was doing?

You have a dirty mind!

I was channeling Martha Stewart, silly. You see, I woke up on Friday with the realization that I needed to paint one of the walls in my sleeping loft sky blue with trompe l'oeil clouds.

The way the sleeping loft is laid out is that half of the room is a full-height, and the other half is about 55" high-- rather than a bed, you just toss the mattress on the platform. It's kinda fun.

Painting the walls over the platform is easy, since you can either just kneel or sit on the floor and reach the whole thing. The wall behind the bed and the one to the right of it in the photo are now bright sky blue. Tonight there will be wispy clouds on the walls.

I feel so domestic.

I'm trying to decide... should I do the same thing to the litle 2.5' wall that's basically the foot of the bed? Something else?
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