Patti (whipartist) wrote,

This could get to be an expensive habit

So I came home from work today and was heading in the front door when Eloisa came out of the restaurant and said, "Stop and have a cockail!" And I looked in the restaurant and my upstairs neighbor was beckoning to me from the bar, so I stopped. Just for a quick drink, mind you. Lemme tell you, a soju mango mojito just doesn't suck in the least, no sirree.

And then a couple of other neighbors came in and sat down next to us at the bar. Somehow menus appeared in front of us, and then I wound up with a glass of tres delicious sangria, and then pan seared scallops with pancetta mashed potatoes. I blame it on the heat... if I went upstairs and cooked dinner it would make my loft too hot. Yeah, that's my excuse.

I didn't order the decadent chocolate thing. Nope, no sirree, was not me. However, I took the obligatory bite of it when it wound up in front of me. It was the polite thing to do, of course.

Twice in three days... this could be a very expensive habit.
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