Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Ahhh, home

About eight hours ago, I scanned Twitter and saw the following:
Car accident in sunnyvale mollena is hurt going to kaiser help

I fired off a "Can I help?" response and then started fretting. "Hurt" is such a generic word that could mean anything from a sprained ankle to a broken back. About a minute later my phone rang and I learned that Mo was basically OK but they wanted to take X-rays, John was OK, the car was toast, and they were in the south bay with no transportation. "No prob. I can come get you. Let me know when you're approaching ready to go home." A couple of hours later I was in Santa Clara sitting in the ER with them.

Nobody's broken, just sore. YAY! I like having my friends in one piece.

And I always thought Twitter was completely inane. I guess it redeemed itself.
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