Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Broadway ticket resellers?

Does anyone know their way around the Broadway ticket landscape really well?

The thing is this... I'm going to NYC this weekend. I want to see South Pacific, but it's completely and utterly sold out, which means that I don't get the show, have to rabidly scour Craigslist and hope to get lucky, maybe hunt the theater, or pay one of the scalpersresellers for tickets.

Only one of those options gives me more than a longshot of seeing the show, and it comes with a high price tag. I can buy last row loge tickets for $250 each, and about double that will get me halfway passable seats.

I've been scouring all of the scalpersresellers, and quickly figured something out-- they're all selling exactly the same seats. I assume that either they're sharing databases and selling each other's inventory, or they're all fronts for the same operation. Probably there's some of both. There's also a huge range in prices for the same seats. The $250 above? It's actually anywhere from $245 to $278 from most vendors, but the high was around $330.

So the bottom line is this: I really want to see this show. I'm willing to pay through a bodily orifice in order to do so, but I'd rather not get ripped off any more than is absolutely necessary. If I have to go to a scalperreseller then I will. If there are other ways to get tickets with a relatively high probability of doing so, I'd love to know how. I'm perfectly willing to queue in front of a theater for an hour or two if necessary, but not if it's going to be a waste of my time.
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