Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Ok, this doesn't suck

The flight wasn't great... I had a hard time sleeping, and it wasn't helped in the least by several bits of turbulence across the country. However, I arrived at EWR fairly functional, caught the train without mishap, emerged at Penn Station, and walked ten blocks or so to my hotel.

I expected no rooms, but I was wrong... I was able to check in early. I'm staying at the Westin Times Square, and it's lovely. The room is reasonably-sized, tastefully decorated in a slightly masculne, modern style. The hotel staff was extremely polite and clearly well-trained in the art of friendliness. The bathroom is slate and stainless, and has a large stash of fluffy towels as well as a cozy bathrobe. All this for $200/night in midtown Manhattan on a holiday weeend. I win!

The beds are quite fluffy and inviting. In fact, it's naptime. Then MOMA I think and a quest for tonight's theater tickets.

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