Patti (whipartist) wrote,


ScotchThe cabinet was right-- it did want to be a liquor cabinet. I moved it over to the corner and then moved the liquor off of the open shelf and into the cabinet.

That's a bloody lot of alcohol for someone who rarely drinks.

The whole top shelf is scotch-- the good stuff. The bottom right is the overflow scotch, the stuff that's more mainstream and less interesting. The bottom left is the miscellaneous non-scotch liquors including a bottle of absinthe. In the full-size image you can even read some of the labels.

While this turned out to be the perfect liquor cabinet, it didn't fulfill my initial desire for something to be a credenza. However, last weekend I went to a new shop in SF that sells vintage stainless furniture and found something that will work quite nicely. It's being delivered on Wednesday.
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