Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Vehicles! Argh!

A couple of days ago I was running some errands in my car. I parked it when I got home, then realized I was in a suboptimal parking space, so I hit the ignition. No dice... The car just sat there. The lights cut out as expected, but there was no starting and no noise. I tried jumping it, checked the fuses, no dice.

A few minutes later I tried again and it started readily. It's been fine ever since.

Yesterday I BARTed into the city so tha I could pick up my poor motorcycle from the shop. It's the one that got towed a few weeks ago, and right after I picked it up from the tow yard I blew up the starter.

When I got it yesterday, it didn't want to start. Eventually we got it running, and the consensus was that it was just grumpy from not having been run for a few weeks. Last night it started with only its normal "do I gotta?" hesitation. I tried starting it this morning and it was fine.

I hopped into the car to head to work, and nothing. No amount of arguing would convince it to start. There might have been just the faintest of growls from the starter but I couldn't say for sure. I'm writing this on BART on my way to work.

Whatever this starting bug is, it seems to be contagious. I'm sure I'll wind up donating a couple hundred more to the vehicle starting syndrome research fund. Grrr.
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