Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Deja Vegas

It's less than 80 hours since I left, and I'm back in Las Vegas. The whole trip has had a weird sense of deja vu-- the same suitcase, same BART ride to the airport, even the same gate. When I arrived, I took the exact same path to the exact same rental car counter, and wound up with an identical car to the one I'd dropped off earlier in the week.

Here the similarity ends. Last weekend I checked into a comped room at Main Street Station, an older but moderately nice little place downtown. It has an interesting collection of antiques, and the rooms are certainly habitable, but it's unremarkable.

Tonight I checked into a comped suite at the Palazzo, a brand new adjunct to the Venetian. From the valet, you enter through an obscenely large atrium with a lovely sculpted fountain in the center. The place is spacious and airy, and tasteful. The elevators are across the casino, and I walked through I was quite pleased to notice that I could not smell smoke. There were certainly people smoking, but the airiness combined with what I assume is an excellent filtration system means no horrible smoky smell.

My first impression of the room was that I'd been in smaller apartments. The bathroom is roomy, with dual sinks, a separate toilet room, a spacious bathtub, and a shower stall. Big, spacious, roomy... are you sensing a theme here?

The sleeping part of the room is about the size of a typical hotel room. From there, you step down into a sunken living room with a comfy L-shaped couch, a dining table, and a desk. The coffee table contains an assortment of recent magazines. The room has all of the usual amenities-- three flat panel televisions, clock radio, fluffy bath robes, climate control system with remote control, minibar, fax machine. Fax machine?! Yeah, and it's also a copier.

After checking in I went over to the Venetian and played video poker for a bit-- hopefully just enough to convince them that they want me to come stay here again. Now I've just finished swimming laps in the bath tub, and I'm about to look for the ladder to climb into the fluffy bed. If I can find the bed, that is... I could get lost in here.
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