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Good god, going to Vegas is starting to feel like commuting to me. The routine is getting to be terribly familiar... BART or drive to SFO, over to terminal 3, through security and to the left to gate 74 or 75. Board with group 2, fall asleep. Wake up just before landing, go through the D concourse to the tram where I get on the farthest car because it's less crowded and it leaves you in front of the mob getting off. Down the escalators, out the door to the left, onto a rental car shuttle. At the rental car center, go left, down the escalator and the Dollar Express booth is at 12 o'clock. Do paperwork, pick up my PT Cruiser, then head out of the garage to whatever hotel I'm staying at this week.

Home is approximately the reverse.

I did it last weekend, I did it next weekend, and I'm doing it again next weekend.

Event 39Last weekend was the gurlz tourney at the WSOP. This weekend was TARGET, a private satellite into the WSOP. The plan was for me to play TARGET at noon on Friday, likely bust out, then scoop Paul up at the airport and spend the weekend hanging out with him. Normally if I'd won TARGET I would have played the $1500 NL on Saturday, but since I had other plans I was really sort of hoping I'd bust out and not have to make a third trip back to Vegas.

The best laid plans... Oh well, I guess I really don't get to complain, eh? Flight is booked, car is reserved ($9/day, ka-ching), hotel is pending, WSOP seat is purchased. The rest I seem to be able to do on autopilot.

Last night I took Paul down to Binions, went upstairs and opened the door to Benny's Bullpen. The room was full of poker tables, like it was expecting the WSOP to come back at any minute. I told Paul, "The entire WSOP used to take place in this room. Remember this tomorrow when I take you to the Rio."

At the Rio today, Paul pointed out that Greg Raymer had walked in just as he did. I found him after registration and introduced them, then we went across the hall into the tournament room. The contrast between the old WSOP room and the new one is dramatic-- I think the entirety of the Binion's casino floor could fit inside the current WSOP main room.

We went to the Liberace museum on the way to the airport. It was a total hoot-- Liberace was faaaaabulous and totally over the top, and seeing those costumes in person was a total trip. The thing that stopped me dead in my tracks, though, was the Chickering grand piano that used to be in George Gershwin's New York home. I waited until nobody else was around and then blatantly ignored the "do not touch" signs so that I could run my fingers reverently over those ivories. Did he compose Rhapsody in Blue at that piano? Porgy and Bess?
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