Patti (whipartist) wrote,

End of day report

(This is actually mostly for my benefit, but what the heck... I'll overshare.)

My knee hurts where I skinned it, but that's not surprising. I think I may have also bruised it a little bit, but it's definitely the worst of the injuries.

My left hand is bruised, but only hurts when I bump it or put weight on it. (Doctor, it hurts when I do this...)

I may have tweaked my left ankle a tiny bit too, but I'm not sure. It could just be stiff from the way I was sitting.

I still have a very mild headache. I'm also just the tiniest amount of generally-sore.

I expect that much of this will either have gone away in the morning or gotten worse. Right now the 3cm diameter patch of road rash on my knee is by far the most annoying injury.

The bike has been towed to a dealer, and both insurance companies have been called.
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