Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Friday, must be Vegas

Here I am again at McCarran, for the fifth time in three weeks. It's a good thing I can do this in my sleep because that's precisely what's happening.

I was really hoping for a solid nap on the plane, but it was not to be. Due to an aircraft change, I got moved from my second-row window seat to an exit row aisle. Grumble. I was sufficiently exhausted that I probably would have slept anyway, but I had the pleasure of being seated next to two older rugby players who chattered loudly and incessantly throughout the flight.

At least i'm here. A lot of people got bumped from our flight and spent the night in SF because there wasn't enough room on the smaller plane. United prioritized by ticket price, so if you used Priceline you were fucked.
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