Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Today in pocker

As you probably saw earlier, I played today's $1500 nolimit and went out near the end of the fourth round. Early in the tournament I ran my 3K starting stack up to a whopping 3200, but that was about all I managed to do.

Bill Chen was at my table, which didn't improve things much for me. There were a couple of moderately aggressive players on my right, which didn't let me steal a lot. And mostly, I spent the entire tournament redefining card dead. It was pretty pathetic. In four hours I had JJ once and won a small pot, AJ once and folded TPTK on the turn, TT once and folded preflop after someone jammed big enough that I couldn't call, AQ once and stole the blinds short-stacked, and... well... that's damned near it.

I finally busted at the 100/200/25 level. A guy limped in EP-- he'd been known to limp fold a fair bit. I had KJ in middle position and right around 1200 in chips. This was the best hand I'd seen in a while, and I was on life support, so I put them in. The big blind reraised, the limper folded, and I couldn't catch up to the BB's AQo.

Later I played a $325 satellite. I got into a 7-way $100 last-longer with it, then proceeded to crush the satellite. I wound up heads-up with a guy who wasn't in the last-longer. He had just over 20% of the chips, and I made a deal with him that gave him a bit over 20% of the prize money. In fact, I gave him $700, and just wound up handing him the last-longer money and taking all of the lammers myself. I may or may not play tomorrow's 5PM tourney-- it's half limit, half nolimit holdem.

Oh, and my satellite dealer was one of the best dealers I've ever encountered. He was highly competent, very fast, pleasant and humorous without being intrusive, and all around just great. He could also look at a tall stack of mixed-color satellite chips (no stripes) and give a pretty accurate count instantly. Near the end, he seemed to know how big players' stacks were without even looking, just by remembering recent all-in action. Blond guy named Ken. I have no doubt that he could deal a potlimit game and always know precisely what the pot was.
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