Patti (whipartist) wrote,

How to lose customers

I placed an order for something today, and paid by PayPal. The order was $13.16 plus $.62 sales tax, for a total of $13.78. When I got to PayPal, I was charged $13.78 plus $.62 sales tax, for a total of $14.40-- they added sales tax to the invoice, then added it again when the invoice was paid. It's pretty easy to see how this could happen, and it's why my job exists.

It's less than a buck, so normally I wouldn't care, but the company also fucked up the PayPal -> ordering system transition, so my invoice wasn't marked as paid. I used their online chat to straighten it out, which took about 20 minutes. And then this conversation happened:

Patti: I'm not too concerned about the sales tax bug, but you're aware of it?
matthew.c: I apologize, I do not see a bug
matthew.c: according to the invoice, you weren't charged tax
matthew.c: amount paid was $14.40
Patti: The order was $13.16 plus $.62 sales tax. When I paid via PayPal, I was charged $13.78 plus $.62 sales tax for a total of $14.40
Patti: In other words, I was double-charged sales tax

This was taking forever, and I had to get to work, so at this point I went off and brushed my teeth. When I came back, this was waiting for me:

matthew.c: one moment please

After about two minutes, I hopped in the shower. While I was getting dressed the following showed up:

matthew.c: I've been informed that you were overcharged by .23
matthew.c: would you like that refunded?
Patti: You know, it's actually $.62, but I've already spent half an hour on it so at this point I don't really care anymore. Give it to charity. Throw a party.
matthew.c: I apologize for this inconvenience. I can make that request for you. Was there anything else I can help you with today?
Patti: No thank you. Have a good day.

Given the company's general level of competence, anything could happen here. Maybe I'll get a refund and maybe I won't. Maybe they'll throw a dart at a dartboard to determine the amount. In any case, it seems like a good guessing game.
Poll #1212211 What will happen?

What will happen with this?

I'll get a refund of $.62
I'll get a refund of $.23
I'll get a refund of some other amount
No refund
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