Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Airline safety?

As I was boarding a flight from Dallas to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, I was singled out for the extra special security inspection as I boarded the plane. I have no clue what the algorithm is, but I was happy to comply.

They thoroughly searched my purse and carryon, made me empty everything out of my pockets, wanded me and patted me down, and inspected my shoes.

While I was putting my shoes back on, I started chatting with the security guard. "Do you ever find anything while you're doing this?"

"Oh yeah. Every day. We find files and box-cutters all the time. Lots of knives. Last week I found a switchblade-- that's not even legal to carry. ... She didn't make her flight."

I wasn't sure whether I should be reassured or frightened.
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