Patti (whipartist) wrote,

All-In: The Poker Musical

We saw the concert of this tonight.

My review: It was better than you would expect. A few of the songs were quite well-done, and the pseudo-Phil Hellmuth character was quite funny if not quite sufficiently egotistical, and watching him sing "I Can Dodge Bullets Baby" and "If It For Luck I'd Win Every Time" was most excellent. The singers were all quite strong, but the dancers needed some help, a lot of practice, and a new choreographer.

The lyrics were quite full of poker double entendres. It worked at first, but got tiresome pretty quickly. When the slinky vixen was crawling all over Alfonse d'Amato (yes, the real one) while singing "Bad Beat You Boy" it felt clever, and it worked well for "Slow Roll". In "I'm Down To The Felt Over You", a relationship woes song, it was less effective. "I've Got A Full House When I'm Paired Next To You" completely failed, and the song should be taken out and shot with some of the bullets that Phil Hellmuth dodged.

"The River" was beautifully performed by Jimmy Lockett, but didn't seem to work conceptually, even though I really wanted it to.

All in all, it was pretty decent for a show that was obviously still rough. I have moderately high hopes for it.
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