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Warning: there's a rant in here that's likely to push a bunch of peoples' buttons, and a movie spoiler too.

I have completely fucking had it with fat activists-- as a group, they are rabid and completely out of control. The last straw is this Slate article that claims the movie Wall-e blames fat people for destroying the earth.

To begin with, the author of the editorial seems to have either slept through much of the movie or failed basic comprehension. In the movie, people have destroyed the earth with rampant consumerism, then spent 700 years on a spaceship staring at screens and being waited on and and foot by robots. The script even states that people have become weak due to spending so much time in the reduced gravity of space. The science in the movie is less than airtight, but the point is clearly made that people are weakened because of time in space.

If there's a message there, it's that people are getting fat because they spend too much time being driven around and staring at screens. It seems pretty obvious to me that part of the American obesity epidemic has to do with people spending too much time in cars and in front of televisions, and therefore not getting enough exercise. That's not the whole picture, of course, but it has to be part of it.

Say that to a fat activist, though, and they'll contradict you six ways to Sunday. They'll tell you that Americans aren't getting fatter, fat people are just naturally that way and there's nothing they can do, there are no ill health effects from being fat, and a whole host of other bullshit. If you even hint that there might be anything even the tiniest bit negative about being fat, expect that a cadre of them will jump down your throat and rip you a new asshole from the inside. Don't even try to suggest that there's a choice involved, for if you do you should fear for your life.

Most of the people who do this have a poor grasp of logic. If you suggest that being overweight increases the risk of diabetes or high blood pressure, they'll counter with the argument that, "I'm overweight and my blood pressure/blood sugar is just fine." Sure, but so what? "Increases the risk of" is not synonymous for "guarantees", and a single anecdote or even a handful of them does not make for good science.

And woe to the creative person who ever portrays a fat character in a less-than-glowing light-- you will be crucified on the activist's altar, and tarred with the brush of being fatphobic.

Yes, discrimination sucks. Yes, all people should be treated with courtesy and respect. Yes, you have the right to be any size you choose. Yes, some people have medical issues that prevent them from controlling their weight. Yes, fatphobia exists and some people face discrimination because of their weight. I'm not going to disagree with you on any of those points.

However, there *are* negative consequences to being fat, and to deny that shows a tenuous grip on reality. If you consume more resources because of your weight, then you should pay a commensurate amount for those resources. (For example, if you take up two airline seats, you should pay for two seats.) No, not all people are attracted to fat people, and that's perfectly OK. Yes, it's OK to choose to lose weight.

Turn down the sensitivity on your fatphobeometers-- not every negative comment about weight is fatphobia. And stop looking at the world in black and white. Frothing at the mouth does nothing to help your cause.
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