Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Internal corporate email

I'm probably breaking all sorts of corporate confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements by posting this email exchange, but I swear to god this really happened today.
From: (marketing person)
To: (San Francisco office)
Subject: Seeking unicycle

I’ve been calling bike rental shops and circus schools but wanted to find out if anyone here at the Egg knows someone with a unicycle that we could borrow tomorrow. It’s for a marketing project and we’d return it to them at the end of the day tomorrow.

Reply to me only if you know anyone or have any leads…

From: (Patti)
To: (San Francisco office)
Subject: Re: Seeking unicycle

You could have just asked us first and saved yourself a lot of trouble.

"Hey Patti! Can we borrow your unicycle?"

Just promise me that nobody is going to break any bones on it.


Do I want to know why our marketing department desperately needs a unicycle tomorrow? No, not really. Marketing people are just plain scary.
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