Patti (whipartist) wrote,

R0000ling +EV flight home

I'm home from Vegas.

When I got to LAS, the automated checkin kiosk asked me if I'd be interested in giving up my seat in exchange for a round-trip continental US voucher. Yeah, I might... LAS has wifi, and I wouldn't mind sitting in the airport for a couple of hours if it came to that.

When I got to the gate, I ran into a BARGE friend, and we started chatting. He'd been scheduled to fly out a couple of hours earlier, but his flight was delayed. A few minutes later, the gate agent called my name along with several others. They offered to bump me, and put me on a 6 a.m. flight the next morning. I'd be happy to get bumped, but NFW was I taking a 6 a.m. flight under any circumstances, no sirree. I declined, and a few people took the offer.

A few minutes later they called my name again. There were seats on my friend's flight, the one that was delayed and now leaving half an hour after mine. Would I like that flight? I would still get a RT voucher. I figure that the voucher is worth about $500, so yes, I'd be willing to take that for half an hour of my time. $1K/hour is nothing to sneeze at.

The new flight was uneventful. My friend and I managed to get seated next to each other, and I r0000led him for ten wasabi peas playing chinese poker on the flight.

When we got to the baggage carousel my bag was waiting, having already arrived on the earlier flight. That saved me about 15 minutes of waiting for the bags to arrive.

Bottom line: 15 minutes of my time, $500 in free flight EV, and an overlay of 10 wasabi peas. Not bad!
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