Patti (whipartist) wrote,

It's alive!

It's alive

FedEx freight showed up this afternoon and pulled a big shiny TV off of a pallet for me. Dear god, I actually own a big flat-panel television now.

Tonight I put it where I think I want it and hooked up the DVD player to make sure it was working. Then I grabbed one of the spare PCs, and hunted forever for a VGA cable-- how is it that I can have four working desktop PCs and half a dozen PC-class servers in my loft, and I can't find one freakin' VGA cable? I finally did, and hooked the computer up to the TV.

It somehow magically worked, and now I have the ability to four-table PokerStars on a 46" display-- note the DVD in the lower right corner for scale. I'm still short a few details, like audio, but at least I have a good proof of concept.

It's sick and twisted, perversely wrong, and oh-so amusing.

(And how is it that I can have many kilobucks worth of high-end camera gear within a few feet, and yet I take crappy phonecam pictures?)
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