Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Losing my ass at poker

I just did a full set of four SNGs on the bike (and made about $400.) I found myself getting a little bit distracted by the pedaling when I was down to 3- or 2-handed, but stopping for a while at that point really isn't all that bad.

Optimizing this takes work, though I'm not terribly surprised by that. The keyboard/touchpad I bought works quite well, except that I keep dropping it when I use it. I think I want to rig up some sort of shelf that I can rotate in above the bars when I need it, then rotate to the side when I don't.

The seat is being wicked-assed uncomfortable when I'm not using the handlebars. I added a gel seat cover, which helps some, but the seat was still at the wrong angle. I put a couple of spacers in to change the angle, and now I don't fall off but it's still annoyingly uncomfortable after 15-20 minutes. I may wind up selling this bike and getting a recumbent model instead.

Still, this is like the fourth time that I've used the setup and I basically got all the way through the set. It's a pretty good proof of concept.
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