Patti (whipartist) wrote,



After a lovely evening at a comedy club, Bill and I went off in search of cheesesteaks. As I'm told is right and proper, it was about 1 a.m.

We tossed a coin to decide between Pat's and Geno's, and Pat's won. Whiz wit, of course. It was quite tasty, and I understand why people are enamored of them. I also understand why people think the Cheesesteak Shop in the bay area does a good approximation, except for the Cheez Wiz part.

As we left, I snapped a few photos with my phone. A couple of guys were getting in a car and yelled out to me. "You taking pictures? What are you a fucking tourist?"

"I'm from California. We don't have cheesesteaks." (OK, a slight bit of artistic license, but most cheesesteak places in the bay area suck.)

"You got sprouts."

That seems to be a good summary of how Philly natives view California cuisine.
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