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Today: work, gym (no shit!), lunch with old friends, work, quick Powell's run, munch, longer Powell's run, back to the hotel, work. Soon sleep, and a 7:30 a.m. flight home tomorrow. Who knew mornings had 7:30s?

Portland is weird for me. It's terribly familiar, although always slightly changed from the last time I was here. It's a familiar place, but in very much the way that Vegas and a few parts of London are familiar-- I know where things are, and I can find my way around without much help. It doesn't really feel like home to me, though. I enjoy visiting, but I can't imagine ever moving back.

I spotted this sign on my way to the fitness center this morning. Maybe it's just me, but I can't really think of a reason besides painting that there would be wet paint on the staircases.

From Portland

This was hanging in a stairway in Powell's. The picture doesn't show it, but in the bottom left corner, in black on black, it says "Vote. And this time, not for Ralph Nader."

From Portland

And for evwhore, a raccoon. There was only one out tonight, and my phone wasn't really able to get a good picture. Last night there were half a dozen of them sitting on the branch, and they were running up and down the trunk to get more food out of the dumpster.

From Portland
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